The Aboriginal People of Australia used the didgeridoo (yidaki) for at least 40,000 years to heal broken bones, muscle tears and all kinds of illnesses. It has been also now shown that the sounds emitted by the digeridoo fall in alignment with the modern sound healing technology.

The didgeridoo is an instrument that produces low frequency sound that we can hear and actual vibrations that we can feel, especially if the end of the didgeridoo is placed close to the body.

The broad range of harmonics that it produces vibrate in an ancient and universal tone and can be used as a sound therapy or sound healing tool.

Utilizing its characteristic low frequency, the didgeridoo has been reported to provide relief to a wide range of joint, muscular and skeletal related pain as well as promote accelerated healing in various forms of bone trauma.The didgeridoo's sound is an effective tool in releasing stored negative energy and/or emotional stagnation.

Feel the deep harmonic vibrations for yourself.

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