3 Cups of Moon Water (infuse the water under the Moon)

½ Cup Fresh or Dried Lavender or 2 Drops of Lavender Oil 

¼ Cup of Fresh or Dried Bergamot

1 Cup of Epsom Salt or Pink Himalayan Salt 


Journal Place the ingredients in your bath (Salts, Bergamot, Lavender, Moon Water) and relax.

Make sure to charge you amethyst under the full moon before you go to sleep.

Placing the amethyst under your pillow or next to you bed will help protect you while you are sleeping.

The bath will allow your mind to relax and detox, the aromatic bath blend will allow you to get deeper into your subconscious while you dream.

Write down your question/thoughts in your journal before you go to sleep, when you wake up, write down any images, symbols, anything you remember that were in your dream.

Use your own interpretations to understand the messages what your spirits brought to you on the astral plane.

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