Updated: Dec 14, 2020

This partial eclipse will happen in the sign of Gemini, It’s the first of two eclipses in Gemini, it starts with the full moon lunar eclipse on the 30th November.

The eclipse will be visible to the eye for about an hour, It will appear as a subtle shading on the moon.

Since this full moon is also a partial Lunar Eclipse, it offers a whole new level of transparency.

Currently the energy from this is mainly affecting our thoughts and communication.

However, We feel uncomfortable, unfocused and confused, but these are still important thoughts. We are questioning and with time, Changing our thoughts. This can be is confusing, but in fact, We are actually developing and this cycle has its own time.

The energy of this lunar eclipse is of endings, This has been a rough year, We are reaching the end of it and we are all tired. Each person will feel the influence of the lunar eclipse in different ways. Remember the power of thought, the more they are positive, the more good energy we will attract around us. It can be a good time to try and understand better, our own patterns and how it influences our lives.

There is an energy of distraction, and we need to be careful with it.

In a year of strong challenges, We are in fact learning the lessons we need to move on.

We are thinking about this past year, Thinking about what still makes sense and what doesn’t.

Starting to look at options from a different point of view.

Whatever it is that the Full Moon will reveal, This process of division is absolutely necessary in our development. Gemini show us that duality is necessary, when it is done from a place of genuine curiosity. Whatever we are called to embrace, it is part of our life purpose.

The worst thing we could do, is to do nothing at all, to dismiss what life offers us.

Our desires feel stronger with the influence of this full moon. This is the Universe speaking to us directly. We know that North Node eclipses are associated with our future destiny, unlike the South Node eclipses, which are connected with past karma.

This is a beautiful full moon lunar eclipse and with the possibility of providing valuable information about our highest path. Eclipses are super powerful and they can amplify current energy and accelerate change.

The relationship between the earth, moon and sun is tracked by the lunar nodes.

Since May, the lunar nodes have been in the Gemini and Sagittarius polarity.

The north node is in the sign of Gemini and the south node in the sign of Sagittarius.

This north node eclipse falls at 8 degrees Gemini, close to the north node at 19 degrees.

As the ruler of Gemini, curious Mercury is the ruler of this lunation.

This is an interesting position, Mercury has a natural ability to sort information, to absorb it and communicate it, Mercury can hold back, to be strategic. Mercury here, encourages us and the eclipse can be a catalyst, allowing us choice.

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