October full moon this year is known as the harvest moon (as it falls closer to the 22nd September equinox) or hunters moon (because that moon occurs when hunting season would begin). This years first October full moon is on the 1st of the month.

If you are looking to the skies to see the harvest moon over then next few night's, you may notice another bright object close to the moon. This is the plant mars.

Thursday the Moon will be near Mars and by Saturday night visibly the pair may look to be nearly on top of each other.

Sunday mars will of passed the moon and visibly sit just above the moon.

The two will be near each other each night, the moon can help you to identify the planet Mars now.

The astronomical matter of the harvest moon is the same all over the northern Hemisphere. Its special because the time between moon rise to the next is shorter around this time.

The reverse occurs in the Southern Hemisphere where the astronomical seasons are opposite, September equinox is the vernal equinox.

As always full moons are powerful but this full moon in Aries is one for change, it lights up our impulsivity and assertiveness. The full moon here will be in direct opposition to the sun in Libra, which is the sign that values peace, which means our balance and harmony may be difficult to maintain at this time.

While the moons energy will motivate us to move forward, inspiring us to start thinking bigger, its best to home in on our feeling and surrounding's and allow our self to explore our more far out interests. The whole world is waiting to light up our knowledge. Step outside of your everyday norm and look around you, feel what is actually happening around you.

Listen to your inner self, stop stressing over pressures of day to day life. Acknowledge the way our past experience's have given us the strength not weakness to move forward. Unplugging from our daily life now and again, will allow for more freedom to explore your spiritual inner world. we as children were naturally loving and giving, we as children were curious and in the moment and now more than ever may be a great time to remember that kindness and curiosity we had before the way of the world pulls us into ourselves.

Releasing our negative energy and replacing it with positive vibrations will deepen our personal growth. Open your soul, free yourself, the moon offers you this opportunity but you must learn to listen. Intuition is key.

The next full moon will emerge on Halloween 31st October 2020 its the second full moon of the month and this moon is called a Blue moon.

A blue moon is the second of the two, full moons that fall in one calendar month. The Blue Moon could also be the third of four full moons that fall between a solstice and an equinox, or a single season. The next seasonal Blue Moon will be August 22nd 2021.

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