On 21st December Jupiter and Saturn will conjoin in the sign of Aquarius.

Jupiter and Saturn are going to be visible in the night sky with just 0.06 degrees apart, making it the best planetary conjunction in years.

This signifies an entirely new period, The two planets move into alignment every 20 year, The Jupiter-Saturn cycle lasts 20 years, meaning that every 20 years Jupiter will conjoin Saturn. For approximately 200 years the two planets will conjoin in the same element with 10 conjunctions occurring over that time period.

The chart of this Jupiter-Saturn conjunction has Neptune square the nodes on the Gemini-Sagittarius axis, North Node in Gemini an Air sign. Sun and OOB Mercury, closely conjoined in Capricorn, trine retrograde Uranus in Taurus. Venus is also quincunx Uranus, Mars is exactly square Pluto, The Sun is also parallel south Lunar Node, Moon parallel Neptune, Saturn, Jupiter and Venus are all parallel. While Venus will be in parallel of declination with Jupiter and Saturn it will be an impressive event.

Our Winter solstice (for the Northern hemisphere) it’s a time when our Earth is resting before the Spring awakening.

It is vitally important for us to understand that these are unprecedented times, things are about to begin and we need a calm mind.

Many people do not know what is going on.

The photonic energies, which the Earth will receive together with you, is the necessary energy, which we must face calmly and serenely.

The energy that we will receive is strong, During the transition period from one great Age to another.

Us people on planet Earth, not all are the same, not all have listened to their heart and conscience.

We get bombarded with other messages.

Can can only try to be calm and conscious and vibrate high, this is very important.

Thoughts of vibration emanating from our hearts. We must imagine and have compassion to find the right path.

This shift will bring huge change, this shift is emphasized also because we know Pluto is moving through Capricorn, which represents the transformation and the deconstruction of the Old.

This isn’t just a powerful day astrologically, it really is the convergence of many other untold systems.

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