Mars was named after the roman God of War and has always been associated with bloodshed because of its red fiery colour. Also known as the "Red Planet," Mars appears to have a reddish hue due to significant amounts of iron oxide, which is red, on the surface of the planet.

Mars made the shift into Aries on the on June 27th 2020 and will stay in Aries all the way through to January 6th 2021.

After being direct for the past two and a half years, Mars tracks backward through Aries.

Mars retrograde means the planet's orbit has slowed down to the point that it gives the illusion of moving backwards. The planet will stay in retrograde from 9th September until 13th November.

It make sense astrologically that the red planet rules anger, desire and egos.

Because Mars is so close to the Earth, when it goes into retrograde, Low energy and stewing anger are just a couple of the sign we may feel during this Mars retrograde.

Take the next few months with an open mind, it may be difficult as mars comes in to disrupt our lives. During this time, we may be feel side tracked, we need to embrace what makes us happy, which may result in finding comfort in unanticipated things. We need to be aware of how we treat others during this transit and also try to avoid judging ourselves too harshly.

Remember to not react without thinking, which may be difficult while mars is in Aries.

We see aggression and irritation all over the world during this cycle. Once Mars turns direct, feelings should start to resolve.

When this all settles down, you will find yourself able to thrive.

Our eyes have been opened by the many truths that have been shown, The need for peace will be felt strongly. After 13th November, things will begin to ease up.

Then will be the time to apply all of the plans we have thought about over the past several months.

The truth is that it will take a lot of selfcare to deal with the repressed feelings coming from this retrograde. When facing obstacles, the more we push, the harder things will become.

Anything we can do to prepare for the chaos will help.

Meditate more often and focus on finding your balance.

If we can get through this, we will be able to get through anything.

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