Earlier on this year on the 27th of march a new comet was discovered, it was given the name NEOWISE after the telescope that discovered it. Throughout July and possibly into august NEOWISE will be clearly visible in the north eastern skyline underneath the big dipper, an hour after sunset. Astrologers throughout history have interpreted Comets as signs of change to come.The appearance of a comet also signifies the rise of new ideas, ideologies and innovation. To be born under a passing comet is also said to endow intelligence, luck and enlightenment. Every comet radiates its own unique frequency and each individual can interpret that energy in their own way, the positive/negative energy you emit will be amplified by a comet, so be mindful of the energy you put out and stay positive. Chinese astrologers call comets "Broom stars" for they have the ability to sweep away all that is no longer needed. Comets are beautiful events that bring us all together in awe of the beauty of the universe, reminding mankind we are all one life, drifting through infinite cosmos.

Photograph captured by Lester Tsai.

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