What you will need

Frankincense incense

White candle

Heat proof container




What to do

Centre and ground.

Cast a circle if you feel you need too.

Light your candle and incenses.

Sit with you eyes closed, think about what you desire to release.

Think about what triggers you.

Pinpoint feelings of anger, sadness, shame and resentment.

Write these feelings on the paper.

When ready fold the paper in half, hold the paper and say:

I release my feelings to the universe

I invite peacefulness and calm to take its place.

Open my heart to the positive of this lesson.

And encourage me, as i learn to set myself free.

I thank you for your many blessings.

Light the corner of your paper with the candle flame.

Place your paper in your heat proof container.

Allow your paper to burn to ash.

Allow your candle and incense time to burn out.

Later take container outside and allow the wind to take the ash.

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