Scorpio Super Full moon

Mars has just moved into Cancer, and Uranus is aligning its energies with both Venus and Mercury.

Assertive Mars and rebellious Uranus aspect the evocative Scorpio supermoon, too, urging you to take action toward emotional growth. Making us unsettled, sensitive and emotional.

Pluto is stationing for its retrograde phase, also on April 27th.

If we include the Moon, on the day of the Full Moon we will have a total of 7 planets in fixed signs.

Saturn/Uranus square.

People will more stubbornly cling to their own ideas and beliefs. In our own personal lives, this is most likely to manifest through inner conflict. Fixed signs are cautious and resistant to change.

Scorpio is a sign of rebirth, as is the planet Pluto. What has been lost can be re-found.

Except for the brief Mercury retrograde in February, all of the planets have been direct since January.

But that’s all about to change this week when Pluto stalls for its retrograde phase. Pluto is retrograde for almost half the year, so it may not seem all that remarkable.

But Pluto makes its presence known. This can feel literal at times. Volcanoes can rumble when Pluto stations.

Showing us what needs to be healed, repaired, and transformed. Pluto can bring us to very edge of despair and destruction. However Pluto also brings us the tools to then transform.

The Full Moon serves as a big release point.

The Moon teaches us about cycles.

She lets us know with her brightness when its time to understand our needs and desires, when we should release, and when its time to take care of ourselves.

Thats because she also wants you to remember you have to be completly present and ready to receive what you intend.

From what seems nothing we can create all. Sometimes, more often than not, we want things that we are really not ready for.

When we truly understand for what we stand, and when we decide to stand for everything

If the Energy was calling you to your intent and all you did was think about how bad things are right now then that is what you will manifest and that its the best lesson you just taught yourself.

An Intention comes from desire and need and becomes priority. This is because to Intent its not only to think about the outcome you want to manifest, but also to feel it.

The process of "Intention" itself its easy and natural once you realize you have been doing it all your live without knowing it, the thing is, without knowledge, our emotions take over and then its unhealthy ego+desire. The ones who merge and thats when things start to go wrong, because everything needs balance to work properly and the unhealthy ego is more desire than need. Be true to yourself, whatever your intuition calls you too do but stay true.

The power of Intention really is, in our way of knowing, to combine what we need with what we desire to understand exactly what to "ask" for and then how to act to achive it.

Be should careful with what we ask, everything can go wrong and sometimes we end up with what we wanted but with a mess to fix or they get something totally different than expected. Its your ego, you are the Source, the wishes are your intentions and its you instrospecting and knowing yourself.

Each moon cycle reminds us to be patient and don’t get discouraged if the changes don’t come fast enough.

Believe it or not!

You made a promise before arriving here.

New energies and timelines are aligning in a Divine Order to help you regain your abilities by moving into higher frequencies.

it’s very important to take control of our own lives. All of us have the inner strength within us.

It’s very important we regain and understand we are a Divine Being of Light. To bring Light and Love to others who need help to see the Light.

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