This spell is to aid psychic dreams and is to be done at night before bed.

Hecate is the ideal goddess to call too if you wish to improve your psychic abilities.

You will need to visualize the crone in this spell, do not rush with this sit down, somewhere quiet ready to meditate and relax.

Best place would be outside under the moon, but wherever you are safe you can do this.

What you need:

1tsp Mugwort

1tsp Lavender

2 Elder leaves

2 Bay leaves

Cypress essential oil

Pestle and morter

1 black candle

1 white candle


Fire proof dish


Pen and paper (if you want to write it down)

What to do

Centre and ground.

Cast a circle for protection and set your intentions.

Light both your candles (somewhere safe)

Have your charcoal burning in your fire proof dish.

Blend your Mugwort, Elder and Bay leaves, Lavender and Cypress oil.

Place your blend in your fire proof dish and burn them away.

You can say (or write down) these words

Hear these words dark goddess, who stands within the crossroads

who's torch illuminates the in-between

Queen of magic

The light and dark of the moon

Direct me, i ask thee fair crone

To bless my quest and guide my footsteps along

Aid my psychic within and around me

Let it be done, no harm done

Now close your eye, take 3 deep breaths exhaling slowly after each one.

Visualize yourself walking towards open cross roads(Y SECTION), facing north, you see a figure coming towards you, as the figure approaches, you don't feel scared, you know this is your guide.

This is the crone.

She stops and beckons you to follow her.

You will be lead to a gateway but you must not pass this gate way.

Take note, have a look around you, what can you see? What can you feel?

This is your vision and you follow your own intuition.

Write down anything you remember.

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