Lungwort, also known as lungwort leaf or Pulmonaria officinalis is a perennial plant that grows in unpolluted damp habitats and coastal areas around Europe, Asia, North America, and Africa. Pulmonaria officinalis is extremely sensitive to environmental toxins, the areas in which it is still found are typically unpolluted old forests, the presence of lungwort is often a good indicator of an ecosystem's overall health.

legend says that it was animals who have helped people discover the amazing health benefits of lungwort. People noticed deer and martens used to eat the small blue flowers of this plant. The flowers grow at the roots of the trees in early spring time, while the sunlight could still reach the forest floor. People noticed that these flowers were especially sought after by elderly and sick deer that would prefer lungwort flowers over other species of flowers. Lungwort Teas and tinctures are found to have high concentrations of Phenolic acid, a powerful antioxidant linked to maintaining healthy lung function, cardiovascular health and maintaining a youthful appearance and vigour. Some people apply lungwort directly to the skin as a drying agent (astringent) and to treat wounds. Lungwort is also effective against harmful organisms that affect lung and chest function due to its high level of flavonoid glycosides, another category of antioxidants. It is most commonly used to treat Lung conditions and also Lupus, Tuberculosis, Kidney and urinary tract infections, Gastritis and Ulcers, Ringworm, purulent wounds and as a supposed body re-mineraliser. Consumption of this plant is not recommended during pregnancy or breastfeeding, interactions and side effects between prescription medications may be possible and it is advised you consult your doctor before use if taking ANY medications. #lungwort #herbs #nature #natural

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